Crystal Maze Live….

Last week our young people took part in the Enfield Battalion Crystal Maze Live Experience.

We had 5 teams taking on 8 games with physical, mental & skill based challenges….they collected as many crystals as they could to get time in the Crystal Dome at the end.

The final results have been announced & out of 32 teams & 180+ young people we’re proud to say our Company (Red) team came 1st Place, they got all 8 crystals & went on to collect 134 gold tickets in the Crystal Dome.

We had 5 teams taking part & as well as 1st Place for one of our teams we want to say well done to all our young people that took part including our Junior Girls Purple team in 3rd Place, Junior Boys Red team in 5th Place, Junior Boys Green team in 7th Place, and last but not least our Company Boys Blue team in 15th Place.

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