Enfield Battalion Victory Cup

Throughout each session, BB groups in Enfield Battalion compete to win the Victory Cup, one of the oldest trophies in the Battalion which was first awarded in 1920.

Points are earned for attendance at most Battalion events (3 points per young person, up to a maximum of 20) and competition results (10 points for the winner, 9 points for second place and so on). Following the final event of the session the winner is presented with the Victory Cup.

Our boys & girls did fantastically well this year & won the Cup!!

The results were:

1st: 10th Enfield (462.5)
2nd: 3rd Enfield (277.67)
3rd: 2nd Enfield (276.5)
4th: 11th Enfield (216.67)
5th: 4th Barnet (207.67)
6th: 1st Barnet (172)
7th: 1st Edmonton (149)
8th: 12th Enfield (91)
9th: 1st Enfield (71)
10th: 1st Hoddesdon (0)

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