I’m A Celebrity Live Event

Our Juniors, Company & Seniors all took on the Enfield Battalion Boys’ Brigade & Girls’ Association⭐⭐⭐ I’m a Celebrity Live event last night!!!

Taking on 10 bush tucker trials during the evening… including Wobbly Madness, 👨‍🍳 Disaster Chef, 🔩 Screw Loose, 👣 Star Feet, 🐍 Snake Pit, 👅 Tongue Tied, 🪳 Flying Cockroaches, ❓ Jungle Maze and 🫳 Jungle Drop to gain all important ⭐ stars for their team.

The winners on the night were… Juniors = Yellow Team (42 points) 🏆 Company/Seniors = ‘Purple’ Team’ (51 points) and a big well done to all the teams 👏👏👏 #ImACeleb#BoysBrigade#BBAdventure#BBinLondon

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